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Volterra in NewMoon

"I had just finished the chapter of New Moon that took place in Italy. I was thinking of naming the town “Volturin” and I knew that it had to be located in Tuscany. Then I found Volterra… I went immediately to the town’s website and saw the square with the clock tower about which I had written, it was there in front of me on my screen! It still gives me the shivers, if I think about it!"

Stephenie Meyer talks about Volterra

New Moon and Volterra, a shiver down our backs. Volterra the chosen town. The town of mystery and of a love anew. A town that rises from the past and becomes the hub and meeting point for thousands of readers who are mysteriously attracted by the same destination…on the trail of Bella and Edward, as well as of their creator, as if it was a fatal attraction.

New Moon and Volterra, town of life and death, town of  wind and of the underground where the miracle of a never-ending love is renewed every single day.                                  Experience again the most striking love story of the century! Volterra won’t let you down…

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